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Tile & Grout Cleaning

Professional Floor Cleaning - Stone, Tile and Grout Cleaning and Sealing

We specialise in cleaning and restoration of all floors to an exceptional finish. We provide services throughout the UK including stone floor restoration, tile and grout cleaning and sealing.

We work in professional floor restoration, cleaning and sealing of many different stone floor tiles including:

  • Ceramic Floor Tiles
  • Porcelain Floor Tiles
  • Marble Floor Tiles
  • Travertine Floor Tiles
  • Limestone Floor Tiles
  • Slate Floor Tiles
  • Victorian Floor Tiles
  • Quarry Floor Tiles
  • Terracotta Floor Tiles

We also offer grout cleaning and sealing services.

Different floors require different types of cleaning and with our experience we can treat each floor type with the method that suits it best. We are also aware of the various issues that come with stone and tile flooring including keeping the grout in between fresh and clean and in place.

Most Porcelain and Ceramic tiles can be cleaned with a machine that cleans and dries instantly with just one pass. Grouting usually needs sealing and this is done in a separate process using a grout sealer.

To restore your floors original beauty restoration work may need to be done. Scratches, grit and ingrained dirt can cause your floor to lose its lustre and change its appearance over time. Marble stone floors can have diamond polishing done to restore their original shine.

Our cleaning professionals prepare the polishing by slowly grinding the surface of the floor using diamond polishing pads with water and non abrasive cleaners. Once this is done the floor is ready for sealing after which it should look like new. can arrange for your carpet cleaning, rug cleaning and tile floor cleaning to be done at the same time.

For a non obligatory cleaning service quote or advice on how we can restore your floors gleam by cleaning your tile & grout contact us today on 0845 004 9976

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