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Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning or more precisely hot water extraction is one of the oldest and most common methods used in carpet cleaning. It is a preferred cleaning method as it can use no or only minimal amounts of cleaning detergents, generally Eco-Friendly, and cleans well. Steam cleaning methods include one stage cleaning or multi stage cleaning and use truck mounted equipment or portable units.

The Steam Cleaning Process

Very hot water is sprayed into the carpet causing dirt and soil to loosen from the carpet fibres. A rotary brush dislodges all dirt and scrubs the carpet, vacuuming the water and dirt at the same time. In multi stage cleaning, a mixture of detergent and hot water are sprayed, a rotary agitation separated the soil, a further cleaning and steam cleaning with hot water extraction is them employed and finally a ph balance rinses the carpets to ensure no residue is left. A deodoriser can also be applied at this stage, to leave the carpets not just clean but also with a pleasant smell.

Hot Water Extraction

The most important part of the steam cleaning is the hot water extraction as if not done correctly detergent left behind attracts dirt and soil and causes the carpet to get dirty very quickly. In addition water left behind can cause dampness and mould which you want to avoid at all costs.

Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Steam cleaning can be done using truck mounted equipment which is very powerful but can also cause a lot of noise and be difficult to use on the second floor of a house or in a block of flats. Portable units that can be plugged in to the electrical socket are an alternative option where electricity is available.

Dry Cleaning Methods

Dry cleaning methods may be recommended on older carpets or where the carpet is more delicate and not too badly stained. This method is quick and does not need the 12-24 hour drying time that steam cleaning s may require which during the winter can be particularly significant.

Whatever method you employ, we recommend using only professionals in all carpet cleaning.

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