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Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning Quality Care- it's that final touch that means so much.

We recognize your rug is a valuable part of your indoor home furnishing and believe in providing it with the maximum care it deserves. Our service and treatment for rugs uses specialised techniques to prevent shrinkage and risk of discolouration with the best cleaning results.

118 carpet cleaning clean all types of Synthetic & Wool rugs, as well as oriental delicate rugs of all kinds: Persian, Pakistani, Afghani, Chinese and Indian, silk, antique and handmade.
We offer two optional ways to clean your rug. It can be cleaned on site or collected, cleaned and returned.

On Site Rug Cleaning

A regular synthetic rug can be cleaned in your home or office, for the majority of carpets and rugs, a steam cleaning is the most effective cleaning method. Hot water is injected deep into the fibres which loosen and dislodge the grime and dirt.
Our house cleaning services aim for 'Green cleaning' using only hot water for rugs without any stubborn stains (similar to our upholstery cleaning).

In Plant Oriental Rug Cleaning

Unlike synthetic rugs we collect the Oriental rugs and clean them in a rug cleaning facility.
Special attention and individual care is given to each oriental and area rug. We pre-inspect your rugs particular weave, fibers and dyes and determine the method of treatment that suits it best whether dry cleaning or using steam power.

Cleaning steps include:

  • Dusting - Pre-vacuum and compressed air with specially designed tools on both sides of rug until all insoluble soil is removed.
  • Spot and Stain removal treatment, special attention for heavy traffic areas with discoloration colours problem.
  • Wash to restore the natural feel and to further remove soil and cleaning residue. Grooming and drying in special climate controlled drying room for 24 hours.
    The rug is then groomed using a special brush to set the rug fibre to natural position.
  • Final Inspection - before we pack the clean rug we run our final thorough inspection process.

We also offer repair services, re-fringing and padding replacement at an additional charge*

Protect your valuable rug

After cleaning, we recommend applying stains protectors to avoid further stains, and permanent damage, to ensure your rug stays cleaner longer and to preserve the beauty of its colours.

Join our many satisfied customers, call our carpet cleaners to try one of our rug cleaning services today.

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