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Why do I need a professional cleaning company?

So you invested in an expensive top quality carpet and you are taking really good care of it. You make sure people take off outdoor shoes when they come in and you religiously vacuum twice a week. You are careful not to spill and wipe up any accidents immediately. So what do you need a professional carpet cleaning for?

The air around us is full of small dust particles and germs that seep into your carpet and furnishings. Our body oils, particularly of you are walking barefoot or without shoes get ingrained in the fibres. The occasional spills which you are careful to quickly wipe up or clean can leave a slight residue which over time build up. While regular vacuuming and carpet maintenance will help keep your carpet clean and looking new, only professional steam cleaning can get out the dirt and dust particles that overtime get ingrained in the carpet fibres.

In addition to making your carpets and home look new and smell fresh and clean, professional cleaning will actually lengthen the carpet lifespan as dirt and soil that build up can actually wear down the fibres causing tears and general wear.

Like anything you invest in, a yearly or 18 months professional maintenance treatment is what your carpet deserves. Call 118 Cleaning and you will be delighted by the results.

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