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Holiday Cleaning Tips

Holidays are here and so are the celebrations. Are you hosting and feeling stressed and anxious about the mess and dirt you are about to endure? Yes, Christmas and New Years parties usually leave behind spills and stains on your carpets and greasy sticky marks on your sofas and upholstery.

118 Cleaning is ready to get your house back to looking like new, but before that here are some tips on how to get rid of some of the stains before they set in.

Red Wine on Carpets.

Somehow it's always the red wine that spills on the light coloured carpet! Don't panic. If it's a spill soak up as much as possible first. Then grab some soda water and some paper towels or old white towels and pour the soda water on the stain. Place the towels on top and watch the colour come out the carpet and onto the towel! If necessary repeat a couple of times until it's all out.

Kids grubby fingers on your Sofa.

If you are able to spray your sofa with Scotchguard Protector before the party it will prevent stains setting in and repel any water based liquid. If it is too late for that use wet wipes to spot clean marks and dirt left by grubby fingers.

Water Rings on wood table

Your beautiful antique wood table is not ruined! If you have water marks left from wet cups rub any type of nut, if you have walnut or almond that's best. The natural oils will return the wood to its former stain-free luster. If you don't have nuts make a paste from cooking oil and salt and rub onto the stain until it disappears.

Pine-sap stains

If your tree brushed against your furnishing on its entrance or exit grab some alcohol, test it in a hidden area of the fabric and as long as it doesn't cause discolouring, dab it on the area stained and rub with a clean rag. To get the sticky sap off your hands rub with any type of oil.

When The Partying is Over

Call 118 Cleaning for carpets like new and sparkling clean upholstery for the New Year


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