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Hardwood Flooring Refinishing

Professional Hardwood Floor refinishing will make you floors look like new.

Hardwood is the natural choice to add irresistible beauty and warmth to your home. Environmentally friendly and with its unique timeless quality, hardwood floors combine elegance with a feeling of permanence. To maintain this appearance hardwood flooring must be kept in good condition. Like most types of flooring hardwood wears naturally over time. A build up of spills, grime and grit, scratches in the flooring finish as well as natural elements diminish the surface luster and cause the floor to look dull. Refinishing is the only way to restore the original beauty and life to your hardwood floor.

Don't Lets Your Investment Go to Waste

With regular cleaning and maintenance services, you can make your wood floors stylish, spotless and shiny, hardwood floors last a lifetime with a little bit of care.

Sanding and refinishing hardwood flooring is a very economical way to transform the look of your home and enhance its value.

Our highly skilled, professional experts offer the services needed to refinish existing floors, maintain and care for your hardwood floor and return them to their original glory in no time.

We offer different levels of service:

  • Cleaning
  • Sanding
  • Filling
  • Bleaching
  • Sealing
  • Finishing

Cleaning Preparation - The area is first prepared, with care taken to protect your home and furnishings and minimise dust and chemical exposure.

Sanding and filling - Our three step sanding process is done using professional sanding equipment and a powerful vacuum system to reduce dust while removing the old finish and ensuring an even exposure of new wood. An initial rough sanding is done followed by a filler to seal crack and repair imperfections. This crucial step not only improves the look of your floor but ensures floor elements stay in place, tightly pressed together. Once dry, a finer grade sand paper is used to re-sand and after screening to remove any marks, a buffer is used to get rid of any scratches missed.

Bleaching and Staining - To make hard wood floors lighter a bleaching process is used and then a stain applied. Staining is commonly used to change prepare "antique" floors, change a dull floor colour, better match a home interior or create special effects.

Sanded Floors - Varnishing and oiling after sanding, gap filling and staining the wood surface which can then be sealed and finished. Realising how important it is to use proper varnishes and oils, all our products are of the highest quality and provided by industry leaders. We show that we care about our client's health and safety by using only non- toxic water based varnishes and non hazardous products. Lastly, our environmentally friendly products' is our way of contributing to a cleaner and better planet.

Cleaning up - We clean up after ourselves including returning your all your furnishings to their original place and taking away with us all our equipment and supplies.

To arrange a consultation for all your Hardwood Floors Refinishing needs or carpet cleaning services contact us to speak to one of our experienced advisors.

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