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Getting wax off your carpet or rug

Candles create a perfect romantic ambience but getting the wax drips off your carpet or rugs is as unromantic as it gets. Especially since no home carpet cleaning product works being that wax is not water soluble. But fear not, getting rid of the wax is not impossible.

  1. First break and remove by hand any large hard pieces that will come off.
  2. Take a piece of baking paper, paper towel or old clean cloth and place over the wax.
  3. Set your iron to low and slowly apply to the paper or cloth allowing the wax to melt and wick up into it.

If needed repeat with a new paper or clean cloth until no wax is left (Your paper or cloth will not get transparent).

Next time...
In order to prevent the wax from dripping use candle holder large enough to catch spills and never move a candle while still hot.

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