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What areas do you cover? offer professional domestic and commercial cleaning services throughout the UK including London, Manchester, and Birmingham.
Is your work guaranteed?
Yes we offer 100% guarantee on all our services. Our professional cleaners will only leave when you are completely satisfied with the service provided.
How can I protect my carpets from getting stained?
We recommend having carpet protectors professionally applied to blot up spills and prevent permanent stains setting in between the carpet fibers.
Do you do dry carpet cleaning?
Yes, we offer dry carpet cleaning services although we may not recommend it in certain high dirt traffic areas.
How often do my carpets need professional cleaning?
It is recommended to have a professional carpet cleaning every 12-18 months. Combined with regular home carpet cleaning your carpets will look better and last longer.
What other floor types do you offer cleaning services for?
All floors - In addition to carpets we offer cleaning, sanding refinishing hardwood floors as well as professional stone, tile and grout cleaning and sealing.
What kind of water damage cleanup do you offer?
A full service from start to finish. We will deal with the initial emergency water removal and taking all water damaged items out to dry. We also provide a secondary stage cleaning and restoration service after assessing what needs to be done whether carpet cleaning, furniture or upholstery drying and preventing mould and mildew build up.
Do you deal with sewage cleanup?
Yes call us to arrange sewage spill cleanup and drain blockage cleaning and decontaminating.
I've just had some building work done - will your cleaners completely clean up the dust and mess they've made?
Yes, whether domestic or commercial we offer a complete interior cleaning service to get rid of all dust and dirt that comes with building.
Do you offer any "green" rug cleaning? My baby crawls around the rug and I don't want him breathing in or taking in chemicals any more than dirt?
For most synthetic rugs we offer on site professional steam cleaning using boiling hot water, with a powerful machine and Hoover, leaving you with a sparkling clean germ free rug using no chemicals at all.
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