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How to get blood stains out of carpets

Blood is one of those stains that can be cleaned relatively easily if done correctly and quickly but if not can become a permanent stain. If you have just had a nosebleed or some accident involving blood staining your carpet the rule of thumb is cold and fast.

If there is a lot of blood blot up as much as possible what hasn't been absorbed into the carpet. Following this, clean as much as possible using cold water, never use hot water on blood as it sets in the stain. If water on its own is not enough pour some salt on the stain and leave for a short while. Salt draws blood out, again using cold water clean as well as possible. Using hydrogen peroxide for stubborn blood stains is a possibility but test first in a small hidden part of the carpet to ensure it does not ruin the carpet fibres. You will need to have patience as it may take some time but the fresher the blood the easier it will be to clean.

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