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Caring for your carpet

A stitch in time saves nine.
Vacuuming your carpet regularly prevents a build-up of dirt and soil which means needing a professional cleaning less frequently. Soil trampled into your carpet is the main cause of its wear and tear.

Regular and thorough vacuuming done slowly and firmly by going over areas a couple of times will keep your carpets looking clean and last longer.

Professional deep carpet cleaning is recommended every 12-18 month but the longer you leave your carpets without cleaning the harder it will be to remove stains.

Keeping a door mat at the front, back and side door entrance will also significantly reduce the amount of soil and dirt brought in from outside.

Clean dirt or spills as soon they happen to prevent them becoming a stain. Almost all stains can be removed by washing out with regular soap if done immediately. Leaving it allows it to set in and then require professional cleaning.

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