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Allergies & Cleaning Treatment

If you suffer from allergies and think your home is a safe haven to escape from then think again. Indoor allergens, particularly house dust can trigger allergic reactions and aggravate symptoms in allergy sufferers. Indoor allergens are not seasonal like hay fever, can affect people of all ages and range in their effects on every individual.

What causes indoor allergens and what can you do about them?

A certain amount of house dust is here to stay no matter how often or how thoroughly you clean your home. But with a bit of care and work many allergens can be eliminated or greatly reduced. House dust mites and their waste can be found in mattresses, upholstered furniture and any other cloth. Dander, dead skin particles from small animals and pets cause allergic reactions in many people, getting absorbed into the air, dust, carpets and everywhere else in the house. Mould and mildew, often found in bathrooms, kitchens and other places exposed to dampness can cause asthmatic reactions in people prone to asthma as well as triggering other types of allergies.

Professional rug or carpet cleaning removes dirt and dust particles deep in the carpet, sanitising and getting rid of most of the allergens found there. Cleaning out air ducts and vents is another way to significantly reduce dust, dust mites and other particles that get caught in, allowing for clean and health air ventilation. Domestic and commercial cleaning, getting rid of mould and dampness particularly after flooding or other water damage are all significant ways of ensuring your home or office is a healthier, cleaner and more productive place.

Eco-friendly Cleaning Products Use

At we provide all the services to clean and sanitise as well as restore and rejuvenate all interior parts of your property. We use Eco-friendly products that to reduce allergic reactions and care for our environment. Not only will we make you home look and feel cleaner but you too will look and feel healthier.

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